Magnetic Offers Versatile Online Project Management Software

If you are managing a business, then there is no denying that web based systems can be a great help to you. Your clients expect efficiency and therefore, you need to rely on an efficient online project management system that can ease your task and make your business operations manageable. With project management tools, you cannot miss any important task and complete the project to the complete satisfaction of the client. This helps you meet the deadlines and contact the customers. This also helps you see how your employees are doing the task.

Online project management software helps you keep track of the project and it becomes extremely easy to store important data and files related to the project. You cannot only save the files, but also share it between the managers and staff associated with the project. The system helps you take back ups and thus, be sure that all your information is safe. As an owner or manager, you can decide who can have access to the system. Magnetic strives to make online project management manageable and easy.

We offer project management software that has a number of automation features. The aim of the software is to ensure that you spend your maximum time working without bothering about capturing. Your team can easily use the software without much effort. The biggest benefit of our management software is that it helps in collaboration of teams. The software facilitates smooth managing of workflow and meeting deadlines. You can add watches so that everyone stays update with the workflow.

With our online project management software, we ensure that you can smoothly manage the tasks and for this, we offer task view. You can mark overdue tasks with colored statuses and sort the tasks according to company name, due date, etc. It is equipped with drag and drop features to make the task easy.


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