Get The Best HR Management Software

If you are looking for automated HR management software, you can rely on Magnetic, which is a reputed brand. We help you manage all details of the employees of your organization; you can easily manage the data of your employees and other array of other HR processes.

Rather than carrying out HR works manually, you can easily complete the work through automated system, which will reduce the work pressure as well as any errors. We help you integrate different financial applications and perform HR planning. You can decrease the complexities of people and costs involved in performance management.

You can use Magnetic HR Management Software for managing attendance and evaluating cost accounting. We help you easily manage salaries and compensations. Computing the payroll details of employees is quite easy with the software. The system prepares the salaries for payment after thoroughly considering deductions and taxes. Using the HR management Software, you can easily collect and maintain employee information. From the process of recruitment to retirement, you can handle all the processes without any hurdles.

Magnetic is equipped with advanced features and sends you reports and important notifications to the employees. We are capable of offering services beyond conventional HR operations. Our HR module provides feedback, assesses employees’ progress, and encourages employee development. We provide an outstanding opportunity for employees and managers to recognize developmental needs. Using our HR module, you can keep track of employee leave and send leave request forms to managers for instant approval. All employees leave is displayed on an easy to read report. By signing in free, you can get a demo.


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